Step into the shoes of the conservationist

Participate and learn

Conservation buddies will get an opportunity to participate in and learn about our ongoing research and conservation activities.

Our team is currently following smooth-coated otter families in the area; keeping a track of their activity as we look to address their conservation needs.

The communities are key stakeholders in otter conservation outside protected areas. We are working on building a long term community based otter conservation model.

Conservation Buddy Responsibilities

We as an organization strongly believe in recycling all the waste that we generate and utilize it to WILD OTTERS field base is run by the staff, interns and the conservation buddies it houses. Each individual is responsible to keep his/her surroundings clean as well as contribute to the daily operations and maintenance of the field base.

Conservation buddies are expected to follow wildlife ethics during their stay. We have very low tolerance towards disturbance caused to wildlife.

Our work culture allows a conservation buddy to develop team work, time management , self-discipline and multitasking skills.

Contact [email protected] to become a conservation buddy