Internship @ WILD OTTERS

Program Overview

We aim to empower budding researchers by providing them with an opportunity to be involved in active scientific research.

Interns will be trained on important research skills that will enable them to take their career to the next level.

Each intern will be assigned a project based on their skill set. He/she will also get an opportunity to participate in other ongoing projects as well.

The progress will be regularly monitored and assessed.

Certificate will be provided on successful completion of internship.

To apply for internship send your updated resume to [email protected]

If selected, applicants must intern for a minimum of 20 days to ensure adequate training.

Knowledge imparted during internship

Understand otter ecology and behavior.

Learn to use a GPS and related software for digital mapping.

Learn to identify and track Smooth-coated otter and Small-clawed otter signs.

Set up and monitor camera traps and analyse camera data.

Analyze otter behavior from recorded camera trap videos.

Learn project specific research methods.

Hands on field experience.

Eligibility and Fee

Applicant must be 18 years of age or above.

Applicant must be physically fit and able to stay focused for field work in a hot and humid environment.

Applicant must have good written and spoken English.

Applicant must have basic knowledge of computers.

Internship fee is
US$400 for a minimum 3 week internship, plus US$100 for every additional week (if paid in Dollars/equivalent international currency)
or INR 25000 for a minimum 3 week internship, plus INR 6000 for every additional week. (fee includes accommodation and meals, training charges, equipment usage charge and travel expenses to the field sites, as well as airport/train/bus pickup and drop). Part scholarship of up to 33% will be made available to individuals from economically weaker sections.

Please note that WILD OTTERS runs on self-sustainable internship model. This allows us to build capacity without draining conservation funds.