Learning and contribution opportunities at Wild Otters

Understanding otter ecology and behavior

Volunteers will be introduced to scientific knowledge on otters. We focus on locally found otter species and we go deeper into understanding their ecology and behavior. Volunteers will be given access to the entire digital content of Wild Otters. This includes otter behavior videos, pictures, findings and literature.

Community based conservation

The majority of otter habitats in Goa are outside protected areas. Hence, it is vital that local communities have a positive outlook towards otters for their long term survival. We work with local communities to build positive energy and create otter conservation support. Volunteers will get an opportunity to participate and engage with local communities.

Education and Outreach activities

As a part of our community conservation, we conduct education and outreach programs in local schools and colleges. Volunteers can contribute in developing content such as designing posters, flyers, illustrations and stories for the educational or outreach activities.

Social media networking

Otters are animals known by few. We try to reach out to as many as we can through social media networking and give people a chance to get to know otters better through our work. Creating awareness via social media networking is essential for generating support for otter conservation. Volunteers can contribute towards creating awareness on otters

Waste Utilization Program

We as an organization strongly believe in recycling all the waste that we generate and utilize it to innovate and create wealth from waste. We compost our organic waste and recycle our plastics and other non-degradable waste. Volunteers will have an opportunity to participate and contribute in our waste utilization program.

Setting up a butterfly garden

Wild Otters field base is located within a forest habitat rich in biodiversity. Our butterfly garden involves understanding and documenting the various species around, their food and host plants, planning and creating the landscape using native flora species to suit their lifecycles. Volunteers will get an opportunity to involve and understand what goes behind creating one.

Volunteer Responsibilities

We as an organization strongly believe in recycling all the waste that we generate and utilize it to WILD OTTERS field base is run by the staff and the volunteers it houses. Each individual is responsible to keep his/her surroundings clean as well as contribute to the daily operations and maintenance of the field base.

Volunteers are expected to follow wildlife ethics during their stay. We have very low tolerance towards disturbance caused to wildlife.

Operations and maintenance will help the volunteers to develop skills such as team building and teamwork, time management and planning, self-discipline and multitasking.

To volunteer or know more email [email protected]