Volunteering @ WILD OTTERS

Program Overview

Volunteering Program is a multi-disciplinary approach to conservation.

You can now step into the shoes of the conservationist.

A Volunteer contributes to to the ongoing research and conservation activities at WILD OTTERS based on his/her interests and skills.

Any individual who wants to get involved in conservation can become a Volunteer.

People from all backgrounds are equally welcome.

Volunteers gets an opportunities to learn about ecology and conservation by participating in our ongoing research/conservation projects.

Get to know about otters, their conservation challenges and how we can work together to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these elusive mammals and the people they share space with.

Activities in which a Volunteer can get involved

Going on field surveys along with a researcher to document at otter signs (data collection)

Going on spot observations for otters along with a researcher (data collection)

Get involved in setting up camera traps to record undisturbed otter behavior along with a researcher (data collection)

Data analysis and interpretation

Planning a conservation strategy with the conservationist

Building an outreach content for positive engagement with local community

Writing a story that can be useful in our outreach efforts

Creating an artwork for the merchandise shop (Merchandise shop is set up to generate some funds to support ongoing conservation work)

Explore creative ways of thinking in our waste utilization program

Going through the otter videos making notes of the otter behavior

Photograph/document wildlife around

Blogging about their experience

Accommodation and Fee

As this is a multi-disciplinary approach, we are open to new skills and ideas that a Volunteer can bring on table which can contribute to our conservation efforts.

Participation Period: Minimum period is one day. Maximum period is 3 weeks.

Costs involved: Rs. 1100 per day (includes food, shared accommodation and field travel expenses)

Accommodation will be provided at WILD OTTERS field base on Chorao island in Goa.

Being an old Portuguese house base provides a unique environment that facilitates engaging discussions with researchers, conservationists and the other volunteers.

Based on convenience a volunteer can also choose to stay outside at a nearby location.

To become a volunteer, contact [email protected]