Privacy Policy

I. Voluntary collection of information :

  1. Any information we collect from you, the user is completely voluntary in nature.
  2. If requested, we will delete any personally identifiable information we have obtained from you. You are in control of the information you have provided to us.
  3. We may directly collect some information for third party analytics in terms of measuring traffic and usage trends of our website service. We collect this information in aggregate form, and it's not reasonably possible to identify any information regarding individual users from this.

II. How we use the information you provide :

  1. The information provided by you is used towards the furtherance of a project Wild Otters is pursuing, towards which you explicitly have wished to contribute to.
  2. Any personally identifiable information including your name, age, gender, location is not used for any purpose other than to identify you as the source of that information and to be able to contact you if the need may be.
  3. No personally identifiable information is or will be shared in the public domain.
  4. We have and will not give, sell, or rent the information that you collect to any third party such as an advertising company.

III. Collecting information via cookies :

  1. We do not collect any personally identifiable information via cookies.

IV. Security of the information :

  1. The information is stored on our secure server with no access to anyone outside of Wild Otters Research.
  2. No financial information is sought or stored from you

V. Changes to this Privacy Policy and clarifications :

  1. Changes to this privacy policy may happen from time to time. The latest updated version will always be available on our official website.
  2. You may write to us at [email protected] for any clarifications or details with regards to specifics regarding this policy.