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Otters of Uganda

Gathering data on presence, distribution and threats for three species of otters in Uganda

Location: Uganda

Status: To begin in February, 2022

Den Analysis of the smooth-coated otter

Understanding movement patterns, behaviour and reproduction cycles alongside human and other animal disturbance at den sites of otters.

Location: Goa, India

Status: Ongoing

Habitat preferences of the Asian Small-clawed otter

Assessment of the habitats including behavior analysis towards preferences and how that changes with seasons is being done at different locations in the Ghats.
Location: Western Ghats, India

Status: Ongoing

Porcupine conflict with agriculture in Goa

Porcupines are considered widely to raid crops and lead to loss for farmers. The question to answer is how much loss happens in different cases, and how to mitigate these to reduce sustained conflict.
Location: Southern India

Status: Ongoing

Audio analysis of the Smooth-coated otter

Using frequency analysis and vocalizations at different times, of varying types and at different areas to study behaviour and threat to otters.
Location: Southern India, Singapore

Status: Ongoing