Training Sri Lankan youth on Otters

Otter research and conservation in Sri Lanka has been neglected. Last published research on otters in Sri Lanka was in 1997. Ongoing development and river management projects are expected to cause damaging impact on otters in Sri Lanka. Lack of funds and otter ecology knowledge might have put a stop on active otter research and conservation for about 18 years now. It is high time we start to create positive energy among the young Sri Lankans to work on otter conservation and research. The goal of this project was to build capacity for otter conservation and research in Sri Lanka.

Project participants learned about conducting scientific field surveys and questionnaire surveys on otters.

Project participants were also trained to use scientific equipment like camera trap and GPS.

Learning was applied in the field.

Field surveys were conducted by boat and by foot.

The project was executed in November 2015

13 people from Sri Lanka were trained during the project.

The project was funded by Conservation Leadership Program.

The work was conducted in collaboration with Eco Friendly Volunteers (NGO from Sri Lanka).