A call for artists around the world to create otter art and help stop the illegal otter pet trade in Southeast Asia

It is seriously concerning that otters are being traded in the illegal pet trade across Southeast Asia, and in Japan in particular. The predominant online content available these days, shows “cute” pet otters in unnatural environments, doing “cute” things, enticing more people to procure otters for themselves as pets. Most of us are unaware of the stress and problems faced by these charismatic wild animals, once caught and brought into the pet trade and there is limited information online in this regard. Read more about it in the Otter facts document below.

  • 2016Surge in online pet trade

    2016 seems to be a breakoff year for pet otter online searches. In many countries across the world, the demand for them seems to have surged with people openly selling otters, especially on Facebook.
  • 2017Otter seizures

    As compared to 2007, seizures of live otters increased sixteen times to 32, mostly at airports. This could indicate improved surveillance capabilities, but also an increase in the international illegal otter trade.
  • 2018The Otter Cafe phenomenon

    The number of Otter cafes in Japan cross 10 in number, at an alarming rate. (Just a simple Google maps search will show you the locations of more than 7 in Japan itself).
  • 2019Uplifting 3 species in CITES

    An effort is ongoing to raise the status of Smooth-coated otter, Small-clawed otter and the Hairy-nosed otter to Appendix I (the most protected internationally) in CITES.


Frequently Asked Questions

1Is this open internationally?
Yes. This is an international initiative.
2Do I have to pay to participate?
Not at all.
3I am not an artist. Is there a way to help out?
Any form of media is welcome, you could try making a video, animation, audio, clay model, a comic strip, a short story or anything new! We are alongside working on creating more ways to involve everyone. Keep a lookout on this page, we will announce as soon as we add avenues towards those ends.
4I'm not a fan of otters. Any other animals you are working to protect?
Thats a fair point. We currently have begun this journey with otters, but there are definitely a plethora of species there that need help. We will design species specific modules to have maximum impact. Till then, read up a bit more about otters here, we are sure you'll fall in love with them :).
5I'd like to join this initiative. What should I do?
Drop in email to ottercollective AT wildotters.com, and we'll take the conversation up from there!

Shwetha Srikanth

Prerana Bharadwaj

Lucy Liew

Sharon Barcs

Rachel Hudson

Suzy Sharpe

Camille Coudrat

Hariti Ganesh

Nikitha Srinivas

Melissa Nettleship

Kallol Mazumdar

Kristen MacQuarrie

Ori Toor

Dani Liu

Hrishikesh Belgudri

Orah Lemer