January 19, 2019

My placement year at Wild Otters

Katrine arrived as a research placement in the second half of 2018. As a part of being at Wild Otters Research, she has been a part of research projects, workshops, going to different field sites, teaching interns and volunteers some of the skills she’s learnt, and ofcourse the luckiest person […]
December 10, 2018

Living in a Field Base

I arrived at the Wild Otters base on the 15th of November 2018. I didn’t really know what to expect as I walked into the base, but as soon as I arrived, everyone there made me feel very comfortable. The first day was all about learning how everything works at […]
November 30, 2018

Otter Days: Life as an Intern

When someone says ‘internship’, the first thing that comes to mind is a 9-5 shift in a high rise, following people around to take notes, fetching coffee if you’re unlucky enough, while clad in an impeccably ironed suit. When someone says ‘internship with Wild Otters’, however, the first thing that […]
September 15, 2018

Being around Otter life

I like travelling with a purpose and while still completing my MSc in Environmental Management, I’m always keen to learn more about environmental research and conservation. Few can resist the enigmatic charm of otters and so I was excited about the chance to get up close to this cutest of […]