Goa, India

Goa is a small state in the west of India. Otter populations in Goa are distributed across the state. Most of the eastern part of Goa comes under Western Ghats (a global biodiversity hot spot); the western part of Goa which frequented by tourists have otter habitats overlapping with human dominated landscapes.

Goa has an area of 3702sq. km. with rivers spread across the state (total river length of 873 km). These rivers are home to Smooth-coated and Asian Small-clawed otters.

We are based in Goa. Most of our work is carried out in Goa. Our work is spread across Goa where we work on occupancy, monitoring, behavior and otter-human coexistence.

Karnataka, India

Karnataka is a state in south western region of India. It is home to the Smooth-coated and Asian Small-clawed Otter. We work in south Karnataka region between Hunur and Kabini. In this region our study focuses on Smooth-coated Otters.

We are studying the use of large dam reservoirs by the Smooth-coated otters in the region. We have started taking conservation initiatives at grassroots level. Our work in this region focuses on local stakeholder engagement in otter conservation activities.

The work here is in its infancy phase.