Camera Trapping and GPS Workshop

This course is designed especially for wildlife researchers, students and nature enthusiasts.

Dates: 9th, 10th and 11th December 2017

For Tickets/ to book your seat/to check availability send an email to [email protected]

Location: WILD OTTERS field base on Chorao island in Goa

Hands-on training in setting up camera traps

  1. How to choose the right camera trap for your project
  2. The science behind camera trapping
  3. Address the challenges in camera trapping
  4. Most efficient composition techniques
  5. How to use a camera traps to record more than just pictures and videos

Hands-on training in using GPS

  1. Basic settings of GPS
  2. How to mark way points
  3. Using GPS to track routes
  4. Effective ways to import and structure your GPS data
  5. Correlate your GPS data to Google earth
  6. Interpret GPS data
  7. How to include GPS data in your project

Course Fee: For Students Rs.5400, For Professionals Rs. 6800

(includes basic food, accommodation and travel during the workshop)

Basic accommodation will be provided at WILD OTTERS field base on Chorao island