Conservation Ninja Course on human-animal co-adaptation

Increasingly we are beginning to realize that in a country of a billion people, effective wildlife conservation requires a good knowledge of the human dimension. This aspect is rarely taught to us conservation practitioners and students but is extremely important for effective conservation outcomes.

Target audience

We would like to invite people who want to work in the field of human wildlife interactions, whichever career goal they might have in this field.

Dates: 8th, 9th and 10th December 2017

For Tickets/ to book your seat/to check availability send an email to [email protected]

Location: WILD OTTERS field base on Chorao island in Goa

What you will learn

• The recent advances in knowledge of how humans and wildlife share spaces.

• Reasons why humans and wildlife share spaces.

• Better understanding of the human dimension of the issue.

• How we need to identify and engage with important stakeholders in order to achieve positive conservation outcome.

Topics Addressed

What is conflict?

What is co-adaptation?

Case studies on human-wildlife interactions

Stakeholder analysis – Sculpting and mapping

Indian conservation scenario

Course Fee: For Students ₹ 7000, For Professionals ₹ 9000

(includes basic food, accommodation and travel during the workshop)

Basic accommodation will be provided at WILD OTTERS field base on Chorao island

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